About us
We are a well-established party club, well-known on the swinging scene. Unlike many other party organisers, we do not ask for any payment in advance, require that you take out a prior 'membership', or join a website before being invited to an event. We make no claims that we are unable to fulfill, or promote ourselves with false 'testimonies' or photographs of 'participants'. We are happy that when you visit one of our parties you will be entirely satisfied that we are as promised.

How can I come to one of your parties?
To find out when our next event is taking place please call us on 07976 353249 or check the website. To attend an event, you must make a reservation in advance. All reservations must be made by telephone.

Are there any extra charges?
There are no extra charges whatsoever at any of our events. At our 10 Girl Club Night here is a fully-refundable deposit of £10 for a locker key.

What if I have made a reservation and then can't come?
We appreciate that sometimes guests are not able to attend, due to various circumstances. However, should this be the case, please call to let us know. Places, particularly for single males, are limited, and your absence may prevent someone else from attending. We do not appreciate people simply not attending without giving notice, and repeat offenders will be barred from future events.

What should I wear?
Gentlemen should wear smart/casual clothes, ladies may wear as little or as much as they like...

What kind of people attend your events?
The swinging lifestyle attracts people from all walks of life and from all backgrounds. While it is difficult to generalise, the people who attend our parties are relaxed, uninhibited, friendly, sexy, fun-loving people. There is no restriction on age (other than that guests must be over 18), race, background etc. at any of our parties.

Can I see photographs of the girls who attend your parties?
View the Gallery to see pictures of all the girls who attend our events.

Are drinks provided?
Complimentary refreshments are provided at all our events, although alcohol is neither provided nor permitted. Any guest who arrives at an event drunk or intoxicated will be refused admission. In addition, the use of any illegal drugs or stimulants is strictly prohibited, and anyone found to be in breach of this rule will be asked to leave immediately.

Are bath and shower facilities available?
Our club venue has full shower facilities, as well as two jacuzzis, sauna and steamroom.

Is photography allowed?
There is strictly no photography, including mobile phone cameras, allowed at any of our parties. Anyone found in possession of, or using, any photographic or recording equipment of any kind will have the equipment confiscated and will be asked to leave the premises immediately.

How is my privacy safeguarded?
Absolute discretion is both expected and given for all participants in our events. For most people, the swinging lifestyle is something quite separate from their everyday lives, and we respect this, and ask all participants to do likewise. All our events are held in secure, discreet venues.

What is the policy on safe sex?
We expect all guests at our events to practice safe sex at all times. Condoms are provided free of charge at all our parties.

If you have any other questions not covered here, please call John on 07976 353249 or email us at info@londonadultpartyclub.com
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