VIP Club

The LAPC VIP Club is an exclusive members-only club, with exceptional and unique privileges.

VIP Club membership entitles you to use our VIP Party Service, which allows you to enjoy a special private session with a girl of your choice for a full 90 minutes, for a cost of just £80, in addition to the regular party contribution.

Membership of the VIP Club is restricted to a maximum of 25 members, who must have attended one of our events previously. In addition, members must be reliable. Should you fail to attend a VIP event that you have booked, your membership will be revoked immediately, and no refund will be offered. (See below for cancellation details).

Membership of the LAPC VIP Club is available for a one-off fee of just £80. This fee is fully refundable at any time, should for any reason you wish to revoke your membership. There are no renewal fees of any kind. Once you have become a VIP Club Member, your membership will remain valid indefinitely.

Membership requires only your name, email address and a contact telephone number. It starts immediately your membership is accepted and payment is made.

For further details, or to apply for VIP Club membership, please speak to John at any party, or call him on 07976 353249.

Notice of Cancellation and Revocation of Membership
For a regular VIP Club party, notice of cancellation must be given at least four hours prior to the starting time of the party. Cancellation must be given in person, by phone-call, or by text. Email cancellations are not accepted. For a VIP one-to-one session, notice of cancellation must be given at least eight days prior to the session. As with regular VIP Club parties, cancellation must be given in person, by phone-call, or by text.

Should your membership be revoked, it will then be offered to the person at the top of the waiting list. Should you wish to be reconsidered for membership, and your re-application be accepted, you will be placed at the bottom of the waiting list. If you are not a reliable guest, then this exclusive club is not for you!